Mindys Hot Chocolate

Soooooo I wanted to venture out and try something new this morning and boy am I glad I did.

I decided to try Hot Chocolate this morning. Not knowing what to expect and not expecting much, I was so pleasantly surprised.

Yes, I ordered hot chocolate but this wasn’t any ordinary hot chocolate, this was hot chocolate heaven. To be exact, I ordered the booZy Mexican hot chocolate which is made up of 2/3 dark chocolate, 1/3 milk chocolate, fresh cinnamon, cayenne and a shot of rum 😛. OMG my mouth was so happy and the light touch of cayenne did wonders for my sore throat.

The scrumptious drink is served in a typical mug with a giant marshmallow and a shot glass of your choice of rum, cognac, brandy or whisky. Hows that for warming you up on a chilly morning?

I also opted for their avocado toast 🥑 which is made up of the obvious plus radish and fennel salad, lemon vinaigrette, micro radish greens and a poached farm egg, all atop of sourdough bread 🍞

Great atmosphere, cool vintage tea cups and decor all around, and all set in a nice rustic/industrial space nestled right on Damen in Wicker Park. (1747 W Damen)

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