It’s December 1st

The start of a new month, almost a new year. Time seems to be racing by. The month of November was absolutely lovely, especially with the bms. install. That being said


Shop the bms. at Mike & YoLi while you still can!

the bms. pop up is in the shoppe until this weekend- get this amazing and unique art while you can! the bms. designs and hand-tacks books, paintings, and found objects. This is the last weekend to shop the bms. at Mike & YoLi, so shop online or in store for these one-of-a kind pieces! SHOP ONLINE



My three favorite words when put together! Paint Parties are back on the docket! Join us for a fun paint, sip & shop session every Friday 6-9 and every Sunday 2-5! Check the calendar for more event information and book a seat or a private party!


And I know, I know- you’re thinking “Sarah, I love Saturdays but I just don’t know why. Please impart some wisdom upon my weary brain. Why do I love Saturdays?”

Why You Love Saturdays

Every Saturday we serve wine (up to two glass per person) free of charge! So- come out and sip & shop with us.

Check out the Website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and Email Us for more Information!

Until next time,




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