Happiest of Holidays

I am a happy person. I was born that way, I guess. I love all holidays. Besides my own birthday (SEPTEMBER 21, thanks for asking:D), Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I like the cold weather because people are nicer- they hold doors open longer and are thinking more of everyone else’s frozen toes than their own.

And yet, my pure love of the Holidays does NOT EVEN LIGHT A CANDLE TO YOLI’S LOVE OF THE HOLIDAYS. Yes, that had to be in ALL CAPS. Because it’s true. Insanely true.

I mean, look what she did to the shop!

Yesterday, Mike, YoLi and I were all working together. And I’m pretty sure YoLi was giggling the whole time. 100% positive, truly. She was decorating and giggling and saying “I love Christmas!” And Mike had a skip in his step. And I didn’t stop smiling.

The shop is blasting beautiful joyful soulful Christmas music and if you’re one of those people who are like “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” To you, I say, imagesAlso, in true Holiday spirit, we will be celebrating Black Friday in a traditional and festive way! Everything in shop will be 30-50% off excluding consignment and artist pieces. We’re open regular hours, 11-6 and  we’ll be wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and I promise, mine won’t disappoint. AND we’ll be baking cookies all day! For you (AND ME) to consume!


We’re open Small Business Saturday! Take 20% off everything but consignment and artist pieces. Also, we’ll have fresh baked cookies- and you will be supporting a wonderful small business!

My gosh, there are so many exclamation points in this post and it still doesn’t feel like enough!

Stop by Mike & YoLi for a cheerful holiday environment. It smells like Christmas and feels like home.


Wishing you and yours the absolute best,


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