New Consignment Pieces, A Pop-Up Party and Sip and Shop Saturdays- OH MY.

I’ve been in the shop a ton more in the past few days and it has been refreshing to work for such a kind person and a company that genuinely cares about people and their community.  (also the shop always smells divine and I needed to mention it.)
Yeah, I said it! Mike & YoLi cares about the community! They’re constantly offering classes and parties for others to mingle and get to know each other while having a great time. Check out this link for all class and event information.
I mean, YoLi is an entrepreneur for viaonehope–  Where you can purchase any bottle of wine or gift package and your money goes directly to a special cause.
So like, yeah, they care.
     They’re also doing pop-ups for local artists to have their art seen and purchased. The artist of the month- the bms. is having a pop up party on November 17th from 7-10. Below is a poster the bms. made for the event. Yes, the blue tape is part of the aesthetic. No, we’re not painting. Although, he did such a good job at taping that we might paint.

and if you’re like download.jpg I have something to do on Friday the 17th from 7-10, you don’t have to be all Cathy about it. Just, shop HERE for the perfect unique handmade gifts designed by the bms.

In other exciting news, our consignment program has hit the ground running- we’ve received plenty of pieces already. If you have any furniture pieces you’d like to consign with us, you still can! Just check out our requirements HERE, and if the piece fits the criteria, drop it off. It’s as simple as that.


You can host a Wine Tasting Party at Mike & YoLi (3066 N. Lincoln Ave) any day after 6pm with up to 10 of your closest friends for only $99. You get the place to yourself, 10% off all shopping in the store and twelve (12) bottles of wine. Call us at 773.398.0394 or email for more information.


Sip and shop with us every Saturday! Get up to two (2) glasses of wine for free while you shop with us. This is every Saturday. I like working Saturdays. Saturdays are tres* good. *(I’m at a 64% competency of French on Duolingo and am just trying to put my newly acquired skill to use.)


Yeah, people. I’ve got a lot to say. Follow us on Twitter @MikeandYoLi, Instagram @mikeandyoli, and Facebook @MikeandYoLi.

That’s all for now, folks. Hope to see you in the shop- I’m here until 5.


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