Monday at The Spot

Good Tuesday morning to ya.

My morning wake up call is somewhere around NOW, which happens to be just about 3:30 am.  By the time this entry posts, I’m almost certain it will be much past 5 am as I usually sit down to write and then all hell breaks loose in my head which then causes me to start another 5 projects, thus making me late …for most everything.  I like to consider myself a “Beautiful Disaster”  or as some may refer to me at times, ‘A hot Mess”  I wish they mean ‘Hott’ But I believe they mean ‘hot’ -and of course I’ve been called way worse!  haha… it’s all in a days work my friends.

I was wiped out by the time I got in from the ole Mike & YoLi last night.  I came in, started dinner and immediately began to go through a pile of mail, organize weeks of notes and clean my computers desktop, in order to see what the heck was under all of those layers that piled upon each other due to no more space on the screen to add one more file.  I attempted to do all of this whilst drinking a half bottle of wine (that’s really only about 2 glasses people. 2 glasses sound a lot more classy though. Right?).  First mistake!

While I was able to prepare a big pot of comfort food for the boys, I never got around to completing, entirely one thing on my list. I did, however touch on all 22 of them.

Catching up on a few podcasts (while sitting on the sofa) kept me from what I ‘had planned’ on doing…. Thus waking me up AGAIN at 3:30 am because my brain won’t shut up FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT I NEED TO DO.  Some reading this may think, “Uh…. this early morning writing about procrastination that is contained in this post???  ISN’T THIS MORE PROCRASTINATION?”  I simply reply, “Yes, why yes it is!” and not only that, this entire post has nothing to do with it’s title.

Make it a great Tuesday my friends, stop horsing around and GET TO WORK!

yoLi heart girl


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