New Install by the bms.

Which means two of the greatest things!

  1. Halloween candy is half off pretty much everywhere.
  2. the bms. install at Mike & YoLi At Home! Brian, also known as the bms., @the_bms, #bmscollection (in bookman’s old style, unavailable on wordpress but a pressing matter nonetheless) has brought a fun new energy into the space with decorative hand-tacked coffee table books, hand-collaged items and a fantastic display of hand-painted hanging ornaments, which our local window-washer, friend, and confidante, Shamrock, enthusiastically called “floating bubbles!”

The install will be completed tonight and I’ll update with pictures tomorrow morning!

The coffee table books offer a sometimes smarmy approach to the book’s content- as in this hand-tacked version of Etiquette by Emily Post.

Sometimes, they tell you just what the book is, as is the case with this copy of “The Impressionists” by Steven Adams and hand-tacked by the bms.

And sometimes, the book covers are hand-tacked in an interesting and unexpected way, which is the case with “Boticelli” by Emma Micheletti.

As you may be able to tell, I feel very lucky to get to see the installment firsthand and I will do my best to do it justice on the blog!  I recommend coming on down to Mike & YoLi At Home at 3066 N. Lincoln to see it for yourselves, though. It’s too good to just view online.

In the meantime, check out our website here. You can check out the new installation pieces by the bms and all that Mike & Yoli At Home has to offer!

Until next time,
Sarah Star

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